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Guidelines on How To Clean Dell Notebook Screen

Guidelines on How To Clean Dell Notebook Screen | LaptopLelo

Guidelines on How To Clean Dell Notebook Screen

Whether for work or play, it’s very important to keep your Dell notebook screen clean at all times. In addition to improving your viewing experience while in use, keeping the screen and other components well-sanitized also helps extend the life of your device. In this text, we provide some guidelines on how to clean your Dell notebook screen.

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Tips for Cleaning Your Dell Laptop Screen

A notebook screen is extremely delicate and fragile. Therefore, cleaning it requires a lot of care, special attention, and some specific procedures.

You cannot use any type of product, nor apply excessive force on the screen so as not to damage it. With the tips we bring here, you’ll be able to efficiently clean your screen without risking the operation of your Dell product.

What To Do If The Screen Is Dusty?

It is very common for dust to collect on notebook screens. Usually made of LED or LCD, these screens are protected by a thin transparent film on which dust is deposited. When the screen displays dark images, dust can become more visible and detract from your experience.

However, dust is light dirt and very easy to clean. In this case, it is recommended that each week you use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the dust off the screen of your Dell notebook. Use cloths made of 100% cotton or microfiber, avoiding abrasive fabrics that could scratch the screen.

Even a smooth cotton cloth can damage your product if pressed hard, rubbing the dust itself against the screen. Therefore, make gentle circular movements in order to remove the dust.

If dust settles in the gaps and corners of the screen with the computer case, use the cloth in the opposite direction or, very carefully, use a flexible rod to reach the corners. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to reach these more difficult places or clean the entire canvas of dust.

Also, you can use cotton directly. However, the problem with cotton fiber is that after cleaning, some cotton lint will likely be trapped in your fabric. Therefore, the most recommended is really the fabric or the brush.

Greasy Screen Or With Fingerprints

It is very common for notebooks to get their screens greasy or fingerprint smudges on their fingers after a long time of use. Even without realizing it, it’s common to put your finger on the screen for several reasons. In this case, just a dry cloth will not be enough to clean your display.

For these occasions, the tip is to use distilled water or special cleaning products for screen LCD and LED you find in stationery stores and computer stores. Again, use 100% cotton or microfiber cloths so as not to damage your equipment. Perform circular and sensitive movements until all grease stains or fingers disappear.

Important: spray the cleaning liquid you will use on the cloth and then spread it across the screen.

Cleaning The Edges Of Your Dell Notebook Screen

The edges of your notebook screen are less sensitive than the display itself, but they also deserve a lot of care and cleaning.

Thanks to their material, usually plastic and with different non-smooth elements (webcam, appearance details, closing dampers, hinges), it is very common for them to accumulate dust and other dirt.

Also, use a clean cloth with distilled water to remove these impurities, and you can use a little more force to remove the dirt that is more impregnated in the material, taking care not to touch the screen by accident.

What not to do

One mistake that leads many Dell notebook owners to damage their equipment during cleaning is the use of ethyl alcohol or other common household hygiene.

On the screen, the use of alcohol or other similar products can make the cleaning cloth more abrasive, making scratches on the display that cannot be repaired.

In addition, these devices dry out the protective layers of your screen, causing it to gradually lose the ability to display colors with pixels or even deadlines.

Even in the case of your notebook, the use of alcohol is not recommended. It can damage the paint on your equipment, leaving it looking more worn and unsightly.

Recurring Care

You can reduce the frequency of cleaning the screen and other components of your Dell notebook by taking care during use so that it has less contact with dirt over time.

One of these precautions is quite simple: if you are not using your computer, remember to always leave it with the screen closed.

This way, you prevent dust from coming into contact with your display, keyboard, and other external parts of the notebook.

Tip & Tricks

A tip that seems obvious but that always needs to be reiterated is: whether for cleaning or any other maintenance procedure for your notebook, it is very important to turn it off before you start.

You save energy, reduce the risk of shocks and avoid damaging your equipment.

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